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Pronat is a company founded in 2003 with the main aim of producing the first transformation of fresh tomato into diced tomato and tomato paste in different Brixº. Pronat is composed of more than 60 associates.


The company possesses the most advanced technology within the agro-industrial sector; consequently, we obtain a first-class product as required by the client.


The processing capacity of fresh tomato reaches 3.300 tons per day, which implies a capacity of up to 175.000 tons per season.


Pronat is committed to the environment. Pronat possesses a liquefied natural gas plant and a water treatment plant.


Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, UNE 166002, GLOBALG.A.P., BRC, Kosher, FACE, FDA and traceability.

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fotografía tomate

Pronat Soc. Coop. - Polígono Industrial San Isidro parcelas 3-4, 06400 Don Benito (Badajoz)

Tfno: 0034 924 80 83 39 - Fax: 0034 924 80 89 96